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Muller Award


  • What are the criteria for selection?

    Individuals will be selected based on evidence of influence and professional contribution to the math and/or science teaching profession, as well as support for other educators.

  • I was nominated last year. Can I be nominated again?


  • I nominated a teacher last year. Can I nominate the same teacher again, and if so, do I need to re-submit my nomination information?

    Yes, you can nominate the same teacher a second time. Unless otherwise instructed, you should resubmit the nomination, updating the material where necessary and desired.

  • I won the Muller Award last year. Am I eligible to win again?

    No, an individual teacher can only win the Muller Award once.

  • Why does the award put such an emphasis on influence?

    MƒA recognizes, rewards, and celebrates excellent classroom teaching through our fellowships and the work of the MƒA community. This award is different in that it seeks to recognize how teachers are positively impacting the broader landscape of math and science teaching and their fellow educators.

  • Are the recipients required to do anything specific with their monetary awards?

    The award carries a $20,000 honorarium for the teacher and a $5,000 award for the school or organization of its nominator. The prize is unrestricted; recipients may spend as they choose.

  • Can I nominate myself?

    No. Nominations must be made by individuals working in the field(s) of math and/or science education who wish to recognize the contributions of another math and/or science educator.

  • How do I find out which teachers are eligible?

    You can find the list of eligible teachers here.

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