For Teachers

Muller Award

Award Criteria + Selection


  • Nominee contributes to the math and/or science teaching profession.

How has this teacher had a positive impact within their school community?

In what ways has this teacher used their voice to drive change outside their own classroom?

  • Nominee is committed to supporting and influencing other math and/or science teachers.

How has this teacher demonstrated leadership in their own school and/or the broader math/science community?

What are the leadership qualities that define and distinguish this candidate?

  • Nominee inspires other teachers to stay in the teaching profession.

What distinguishes this teacher’s positive influence on others in the teaching profession?

  • Nominee’s work ethic has contributed to their success.

How has this teacher embraced optimism, dedication, and humility in their work?

  • Nominee has notable professional achievements.

How has the work of this teacher been publicly recognized?

What professional contributions and efforts has this teacher made beyond their regular scope of work?

Selection Process

A small group of finalists will be selected by an external screening committee and sent to the MƒA Board of Directors who will determine the two winners (one in math and one in science). Winning teachers and their nominator will be recognized at the award ceremony. 

  • Nomination period: February 12 - April 19, 2024
  • Nomination deadline: April 19, 2024
  • Selection period: April - May 2024
  • Winner announced: June 3, 2024
  • Award ceremony: June 18, 2024

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