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Have you already completed an MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship?


  • Full-time Teacher in NYC

    You teach grades K-12 full-time in a New York City public or charter school.

  • At Least Two Years of Experience

    When you begin the fellowship, you must have had at least two years of full-time mathematics or science teaching (including computer science) experience.

  • Math/Science Instruction

    Grades 6-12 You teach math or science for at least 60% of your schedule.

    Grades K-5 You must be one of the following: the classroom teacher primarily responsible for teaching math or science, the math or science specialist teacher responsible for teaching math or science to students in a classroom setting, or a math or science coach who has a partial schedule teaching students in a classroom setting. 

  • New Participant in an MƒA Fellowship

    You have never completed an MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship.

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Sharine Stevenson
Sharine Stevenson

Director of Admissions & Recruitment