MƒA fellowships are different from any other across the nation. We offer two four-year fellowships for accomplished New York City public school mathematics and science teachers. Through our fellowships, we bring together the best teachers – those with superb content knowledge and pedagogical skills. Becoming an MƒA Early Career Teacher or MƒA Master Teacher means joining our community of excellence and being given new chances to grow and lead.

We believe that teaching is the most important profession – the one that makes all other professions possible – and we celebrate it as such. Our goal is to offer teachers a variety of professional growth and leadership opportunities, inspiring outstanding professionals to stay in the classroom and amplify their impact throughout their careers. MƒA teachers currently comprise nearly ten percent of all public school mathematics and science educators in New York City.

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150+ professional development courses per semester

MƒA teachers participate in and lead professional growth and enrichment opportunities throughout the year, ranging in focus from mathematics and science content to pedagogical practice and leadership. Below is a sample of our course offerings.