About the MƒA Emeritus Fellowship

The MƒA Emeritus Fellowship is an opportunity for former MƒA Master Teachers to stay active in the MƒA community after their fellowship has ended.

MƒA Emeritus teachers continue to engage in, contribute to, and benefit from the greater MƒA community of accomplished STEM teachers.

They can take and propose courses in the MƒA Course Catalog, and they have access to other professional growth opportunities and benefits. 

Who are the MƒA Emeritus teachers? 

Teachers who previously held an MƒA fellowship for at least two full years and currently serve as a teacher for at least one STEM class in a public or charter K-12 school may apply to become an MƒA Emeritus teacher. Applications are open and processed once per year, over the summer. 

What resources does the fellowship provide? 

  • Invitation to apply for Impact Grants of up to $1,000 to be used for professional opportunities that further STEM classroom practice
  • Access to the MƒA teaching community and membership in MƒA’s private online community, the Small-World Network
  • Registration for available courses at MƒA each semester, as well as MƒA talks, lectures, and events
  • Funding towards an annual membership subscription to a STEM teacher organization, including NCTM, NSTA, etc. 

What is the application process? 

Former MƒA teachers interested in applying for MƒA Emeritus can reach out to us for more information.