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MƒA Teacher Voices and Thought Leaders

MƒA teachers have a deep understanding of their students, are experts in their content area, and authorities on the craft of teaching.  As a community of over 1,000 strong, MƒA teachers have inspiring stories to tell about the work they do and the impact they have on more than 110,000 students.

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MƒA has created a community-based fellowship model for outstanding mathematics and science teachers, providing them with continuous opportunities to grow, lead, and make the biggest impact in their schools and communities. The MƒA leadership team advocates for the MƒA fellowship model to be replicated across the country and recognized for the profound effect is has in retaining and attracting the very best mathematics and science teachers.

John Ewing, MƒA President

Images and Video
  • Download the MƒA logo here.
  • MƒA teachers come together to collaborate and learn from one another. Hear what being part of a teacher community means to them. #PowerofMfA
  • MƒA is dedicated to inspiring great teachers to stay in the classroom. Here, MƒA teachers share why they stay. #WhyIStay
  • We’re working to change the way we talk about the teaching profession. Explore what we think it means to be #JustATeacher.
  • The MƒA community has access to one of the best resources for professional learning and growth – each other. Hear from MƒA teachers about the power of our community.