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Stargazing is usually best done far away from light pollution, but that didn't stop MƒA teachers from hopping on the Staten Island Ferry last fall to head to a "Rooftop Star Party" MƒAdventure.

MƒA fellowships strengthen STEM teaching and learning across New York City.

MƒA creates a professional learning community for experienced teachers to explore cutting-edge STEM content, innovative teaching practices, and research-based professional development models. 

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MƒA teachers took ideas about curriculum, teaching, or student learning from MƒA and shared them with other teachers at their schools and beyond

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The new MƒA website site has been reimagined visually and offers new ways for audiences inside and outside the MƒA community to discover and share the latest MƒA happenings, resources, and content. 

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Scott Woodson

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