How it works

During the four years of the MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship, teachers come together to learn from each other, innovate instruction, and bring new ideas to their classrooms. Professional community develops out of this teacher-to-teacher collaboration, and these partnerships lead to new ideas and practices that advance the profession overall. MƒA Master Teachers have access to a diverse set of professional growth opportunities including participating in and leading courses that dive deep into content and curriculum, student engagement, and equity in the classroom.  

Who are MƒA Master Teachers?

  • Most teachers in the MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship are experienced mathematics and science educators.
  • The average teacher has more than ten years of classroom teaching experience. 
  • About one-third of MƒA’s Master Teacher community consists of exceptional early-career teachers with between two and four years of teaching experience.

What do MƒA Master Teachers do during the four years of the fellowship?

  • Teachers design, lead, and participate in math and science-focused professional development courses for one another.  
  • Teachers attend workshops over the course of the school year, selected from the MƒA Course Catalog and have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of events, lectures, and community gatherings.
  • Teachers can apply MƒA’s leadership and learning models for teachers within their school community.
  • Teachers engage and communicate with one another in MƒA’s private online community, the Small-World Network, where they can share teaching and professional growth resources and support each other virtually.  

 What resources does the MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship provide? 

  • Teachers receive up to $60,000* in stipends over four years to recognize participation in the MƒA community
  • Teachers participate in a dynamic community of inspiring mathematics and science teachers.
  • Teachers have access to a wide range of high quality, STEM-focused, professional growth and enrichment opportunities throughout the school year.
  • Teachers can apply for funding for conferences, travel, and classroom materials.

*Master Teachers who begin the fellowship in their third or fourth year of teaching receive a stipend of $12,000 for their first two years in the fellowship and $15,000 for the next two years, for a total of $54,000. 

Master Teacher II+ Fellowship

Upon successful completion of an MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship, teachers may apply to additional fellowships up to a total of five Master Teacher Fellowships. MƒA teachers make a significant impact on the STEM community - in schools across NYC, in the MƒA community, and in STEM education nationally. Master Teachers who are granted a second (or more) fellowship focus on leading from within their classroom and within MƒA to support the learning and professional growth of other teachers across the city. MƒA Master Teachers in a second (or more) fellowship participate in a Community Contribution project, where they engage with the MƒA community in a dynamic, deliberate way that furthers our goals of excellence in STEM education.

150+ professional development courses per semester

MƒA teachers participate in and lead professional growth and enrichment opportunities throughout the year, ranging in focus from mathematics and science content to pedagogical practice and leadership. Below is a sample of our course offerings.