About the MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship 

The MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship is the next phase of the MƒA experience for teachers. Upon successful completion of an MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship, teachers can apply to continue learning, growing, and collaborating in the MƒA community for another four years. Teachers can receive up to five MƒA fellowships. 

MƒA Master Teacher II+ fellows participate in the community in the same way and receive the same benefits they did as Master Teachers but also increasingly take on leadership roles, expanding their influence at MƒA, in their schools, and in the profession.

Master Teacher II+ fellows make up nearly 60% of the entire MƒA community.

Who are the MƒA Master Teacher II+ fellows?

Teachers in the MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship are all experienced mathematics and science educators who have completed an MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship. Teachers can be awarded up to five MƒA fellowships in total, spending up to twenty years in MƒA. 

What do MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellows do during the four years of the fellowship?

  • Design, lead, and participate in math and science-focused professional development courses from the MƒA Course Catalog 
  • Attend in-person and virtual workshops over the course of the school year and participate in a wide variety of events, lectures, and community gatherings 
  • Build relationships with one another that are a source of inspiration, share teaching resources, and support each other’s professional growth 
  • Bring what is learned at MƒA back to their school community
  • Participate in leadership opportunities only open to MƒA Master Teacher II+ fellows

What resources does the fellowship provide? 

  • $60,000 in stipends over four years 
  • Opportunities to build relationships in a dynamic community of inspiring mathematics and science teachers
  • Participation in high quality, STEM-focused, professional growth and enrichment opportunities throughout the school year
  • Access to leadership opportunities at MƒA
  • Additional funding for conferences, travel, and classroom materials