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The 2019 MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship Application is now closed. 

MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for a 2019 Master Teacher II+ Fellowship if:

  • You are a current 2015 Master Teacher or you have successfully completed a full Master Teacher Fellowship.
  • You serve as the mathematics or science teacher of record for at least 60% of your teaching schedule and plan to do so in a NYC Public School for the next four years .

MƒA Reapplication Policy

There is no limit on how many times you may apply for a fellowship with MƒA. However, you may not apply for any fellowship at MƒA more than twice in a four year period. We encourage you to use this policy when making decisions about when to apply.

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Master Teacher II+ Fellowship Admissions Criteria

We seek applications from teachers who are committed to supporting MƒA’s mission and vision as evidenced through:

  • A track record of meaningful engagement in the MƒA community through a variety of courses and other MƒA learning opportunities
  • A record of meeting, and preferably exceeding, the annual minimum attendance requirements
  • A track record of professional conduct
  • A demonstrated interest in learning within the MƒA community over the next four years
  • A demonstrated interest in leading within the MƒA community over the next four years

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MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship Overall Admissions Process

The admissions process provides teachers an opportunity to reflect on your Master Teacher Fellowship and the impact it has had on your teaching practice and professional identity.

There are 5 stages:

  1. Verify your eligibility
  2. Submit a written application (via the MƒA website)
  3. MƒA reviews your past fellowship engagement, attendance, and conduct
  4. You are either invited to interview, accepted early decision, or declined based on MƒA’s review of your written application. (See below for more details.)
  5. MƒA issues final fellowship award decisions in late March

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MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship Written Application Components
  1. Personal Information Review: You will be asked to confirm and update your information we have on file.
  2. Contact Information for Two References: You will need to submit the contact information for two references: a current Principal or Assistant Principal and one MƒA colleague. The MƒA colleague may not teach at your school or be applying for an MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship this year. MƒA will email your references customized forms to complete on your behalf.
  3. Writing Exercises: You will need to complete two 500-word writing exercises based on a prompts provided in the application.
  4. Observation Report(s): You will need to submit either your most recent formal observation (preferred) or your two most recent informal observation reports along with your last formal observation report.

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MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship Invitation to Interview

Teachers who meet the above admissions criteria will be invited to a 30-min in-person interview before a final fellowship determination is made.

The purpose of in-person interviews is to gain a better understanding of the applicant as a professional and to learn more about the applicant’s fellowship experience.

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MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship Early Decision Acceptance

A select group of teachers who exceed the admissions criteria listed above will have their interview waived and will be awarded a Master Teacher II+ Fellowship via early decision.

Teachers selected for early decision acceptance will be required to take part in a small “focus group” meeting with other teachers as a means of helping the MƒA research department collect information related to their fellowship experience. Focus groups will be 1.5 hours and will take place in April.

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MƒA Master Teacher II+ Fellowship Declined

Teachers who do not meet our standards for a Master Teacher II+ Fellowship will be not be invited to interview and will not continue in the admissions process.

This is a rigorous process and unfortunately not every applicant will be awarded a Master Teacher II+ Fellowship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to download responses for the most frequently asked questions.

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The application process made me think about how well I know my students, how I am making math meaningful to them, and how I think of myself as a teacher. It made me want to challenge myself even more.

- Geoffrey Enriquez, MƒA Master Teacher