Board of Directors

Members of the MƒA Board of Directors are global leaders in mathematics, science, education, and business. They are dedicated to advocating for the MƒA model and sustaining excellence in mathematics and science education. 

James Simons (Chair)
President, Euclidean Capital, and Board Chair, Renaissance Technologies

Peter Borish
Chief Strategist, Quad Group

Neil Chriss
Managing Principal, Hutchin Hill Capital 

Anne Dinning
Managing Director, D.E. Shaw

David Eisenbud
Professor of Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley and former Vice President for Mathematics and the Physical Sciences, Simons Foundation

Jeremy Kilpatrick
Regents Professor Emeritus, Mathematics Education, University of Georgia

Maria Klawe
President, Harvey Mudd College

Irwin Kra
Founding Executive Director, Math for America, and Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Stony Brook University

Jim Lewis
Aaron Douglas Professor of Mathematics, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Howard L. Morgan
Chairman, B Capital

Peter Muller
Founder, CEO, PDT Partners

Jeffrey Rosenbluth
Former Managing Director, Salomon Brothers, Inc.

Richard J. Schaar
Retired Executive Advisor, Mathematics and Science Education, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Liz Simons
Board Chair, Heising-Simons Foundation

Brad Wechsler
Chairman, IMAX Corporation

Glen Whitney
Studio Infinity

Elaine Wolfensohn