Peter Muller

Board Member
Job title

Founder, CEO, PDT Partners

Peter Muller is the Founder and CEO of PDT Partners, a leading quantitative investment firm.  Prior to joining Morgan Stanley in 1992 and founding the Process Driven Trading group (PDT), Peter was at BARRA for seven years.

Math, music, and investing have always been a large part of Peter’s life.  In addition to serving on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Investment Management, he is on the boards of Math for America and Berklee College of Music.  His published research includes work on financial optimization, mortgage prepayments, and equity valuation models.  As a pianist/singer-songwriter, Peter has released three albums of original music and performs regularly in New York City.  In his spare time, he has created more than a dozen crossword puzzles for the New York Times, runs a monthly music-based crossword contest at, and is a devoted and active philanthropist.

Peter received his B.A. in Mathematics with honors from Princeton University. He resides in Santa Barbara with his wife and two children.