The Bronx Times published a story about one of the 2024 MƒA Muller Award for Professional Influence in Education winners, MƒA Master Teacher Bushra Makiya, who teaches at CIS 303: The Leadership and Community Service Academy in the Bronx.

The story details how Makiya was honored for her commitment to improving math instruction by fostering innovative opportunities for teacher learning and collaboration in her school and district. She also shared how MƒA has impacted her teaching career. 

"Makiya said she is fortunate to be working with great school administrators who support teachers while also allowing autonomy, and she credits Math for America for the longevity of her career. Through professional development, stipends and relationship-building, '[The organization] is really making teaching more sustainable,' she said. 


Teaching is hard work for those like Makiya who remain in the profession — and while the award is special, it has been the ongoing years of support from school administration and Math for America that has gotten her this far, she said.  

'Having a community you can lean on is so important,' said Makiya.