The power of the MfA community

Who We Are

MƒA was founded in 2004 as an organization committed to teachers. We’ve created four-year fellowships for accomplished public school mathematics and science teachers who make a lasting impact in their schools, their communities, and the profession at large.

We improve teacher retention nationally by building and supporting communities of outstanding STEM teachers.

Our vision is simple: An America that values, trusts and respects its mathematics and science teachers. 

Creating a STEM Master Teacher Community

The MƒA model is based on the belief that collaboration, continued learning, and genuine respect enables teachers to grow professionally and provides long-term career satisfaction.

It starts with excellent teachers. Our teachers are experts in their content area, are masters in the craft of teaching, and have a deep understanding of their students.

The power is in the community. Outstanding teachers learn from each other and share ideas. They insist on excellence from their colleagues and themselves.

Accomplished teachers then stay in the classroom. By becoming a part of MƒA, our teachers find opportunities for leadership and growth as educators. Our aim is to reward outstanding teachers, so they stay in the classroom and make the greatest impact.

This is a remarkable community of teachers who stay in the profession longer and define what teaching excellence means. These are teachers who inspire and motivate their colleagues. They change the lives of their students.

Investment in STEM Education

There are over 1,000 MƒA teachers across our fellowships. Over the past five years, MƒA invested more than $100 million in its NYC fellowships as well as advocated for similar fellowship programs across the country. 

MƒA was founded in New York City by Jim Simons, Founder and Chairman of Renaissance Technologies, who along with his wife, Marilyn Simons, also founded the Simons Foundation, which has a mission to advance frontiers in mathematics research and the basic sciences. The Simons Foundation provides a substantial portion of funding for MƒA , and Jim Simons serves as the Chair of the MƒA Board. 


Teaching. It's professional.

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