Thursday Think Speaker Series

The MƒA Thursday Think Speaker Series brings accomplished speakers who dive into cutting edge topics in STEM education to MƒA. A unique part of our professional course offerings, these talks, held on a Thursday of every month throughout the school year, invite MƒA teachers and their colleagues, as well as other educators and the general public to learn and engage with these thought leaders and professionals in mathematics, science, and education.

Upcoming Events

Please stay tuned for our 2022-2023 lineup of Thursday Think speakers. 


Previous Speakers

Gholdy MuhammadBuilding a Foundation For Culturally and Historically Responsive Education

Featuring Gholdy Muhammad, Ph.D.

The Story ColliderThe Story Collider

Featuring MƒA Storytellers

Emily RiehlThe Mathematics of Social Choice

Featuring Emily Riehl, Ph.D.

David SpergelMeasuring the Shape and Age of the Universe

Featuring David Spergel, Ph.D.

Zarin MachandaLiving With Chimpanzees

Featuring Zarin Machanda, Ph.D.

Master Teachers on TeachingMT²: Master Teachers on Teaching

Featuring MƒA Master Teachers

Francis SuThe Mathematics of Card Shuffling

Featuring Francis Su, Ph.D.

Paul AndersenThe Science of Wonder

Featuring Educational Consultant and YouTube Creator Paul Andersen

Clara Sousa-SilvaWould We Know Life if We Saw It?

Featuring Clara Sousa-Silva, Ph.D.

Sian BellockMath Anxiety: Who Has It, Why It Develops, and How to Guard Against It

Featuring President of Barnard College Sian Beilock, Ph.D. 

Florian KrammerCOVID-19 Vaccines: What Do We Know Four Months Into Vaccine Rollout?

Featuring Florian Krammer, Ph.D.

Jess PhoenixVolcanology: Danger, Discovery, and Delight

Featuring Volcanologist Jess Phoenix

Erich JarvisSinging in the Brain

Featuring Neurobiologist Dr. Erich Jarvis

Dr. Robert Berry IIIExamining Identity, Agency, Positionality and Authority in Mathematics Teaching

Featuring National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) President Dr. Robert Berry

Chris EmdinWhen Content Meets Context: Toward a Revolution in STEM Education

Featuring Professor Chris Emdin

Mona ChalabiMade You Look: Statistics Through Data Visualization

Featuring Data Editor of Guardian US Mona Chalabi

George HartHands-On Puzzles

Featuring Mathematician and Sculptor Dr. George Hart


For speaker inquiries or speaking opportunities, contact Jennifer Cody, Program Officer for Engagement and Communications.