Praxis Exam Guide

Praxis Exam Guide

Selecting a Subject Area of Focus and the Corresponding Praxis Exam

To apply for an MƒA Fellowship, applicants must select a subject area of focus and take the corresponding Praxis Content Knowledge exam. The subject area generally aligns with an applicant’s undergraduate degree or area of specialty. However, teachers may choose any of the listed subject areas of focus for their application, regardless of the science or mathematics subject they currently teach. Please note, the choice of subject area of focus is significant as it determines the following:

  • The Praxis Exam you will take
  • The content of your Pedagogy Exercise
  • The content and group you will be assigned in your Finalist Interview

Please take these factors into consideration when selecting a subject area of focus.

Praxis Exam Names and Codes

Below are the subject areas applicants may choose, and the corresponding Praxis Exams accepted for each.

Middle School and High School

  • Biology: Biology: Content Knowledge (5236) (5235 will also be accepted)
  • Chemistry: Chemistry: Content Knowledge (5246) (5245 will also be accepted)
  • Earth Science: Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge (5572) (5571 will also be accepted)
  • General Science: General Science: Content Knowledge (5436) (5435 will also be accepted)
  • Mathematics: Mathematics (5165) (5161/0061/5061 will also be accepted)
  • Physics: Physics: Content Knowledge (5266) (5265 will also be accepted)
  • Computer Science: Mathematics (5165) or Computer Science (5652) (5651, 5161 will also be accepted)

Elementary School

  • Elementary Mathematics: Middle School Mathematics (5164)
  • Elementary Science: Middle School Science (5442) (5440 will also be accepted)

Registering for the Praxis Exams

The Exam

All Praxis exams are computer-based and may be taken either at an ETS test center or as an at-home test. To register, visit

If you have already taken the exam, please request an official report to be sent to MƒA using our institutional code (7779) or provide us with the original score report. If you have previously submitted official scores to MƒA, there is no need to re-send your score.

Scheduling your Praxis Exam

In-Person at a Test Center

Each month, there are specified testing windows in which teachers can take their respective exams. The test is not offered every day and some are also not offered every month. We encourage you to find more dates and details for the Praxis Exam online at

At Home Test

These tests are available seven days a week. To be able to take a test at home, you must meet the Equipment and Environment Requirements listed here: Be sure that your computer and testing room at-home meet the ETS requirements before you register for a Praxis® test at home.