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What Education Partisans Get Wrong

In the News | August 16, 2019

There are many topics in education that are worth our attention. Most are not simple, yet complicated and nuanced. MƒA President John Ewing will pen ongoing columns on these education-related issues for Forbes. He will cover a range of topics, including the success and failures of charter schools, the important role unions play in education, and the pitfalls of framework-based curriculum.

“I don’t pretend to have simple answers (or, for some, any answers at all), but I do know that finding answers requires the humility of an open mind rather than the arrogance of a partisan.”

Ewing’s first piece sets the stage for his upcoming columns and focuses on how partisanship has coarsened public discourse about education. He recognizes the passion many have when discussing education, but argues that making sound judgements requires different viewpoints, an open mind, and a modicum of humility.

Read Ewing’s full piece in Forbes and stay tuned to the MƒA blog for future columns.