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Should We Liberate Our Schools?

In the News | July 20, 2020

Reopening all schools fully sounds eerily like the calls to liberate states this past April. MƒA President John Ewing believes although there are good reasons for students to return to classrooms this fall, it won't happen in the midst of a raging pandemic. In his newest column for Forbes, Ewing writes rather than wishful thinking, we need to find ways to make things better. 

“There are innovative software tools that help to manage online classrooms, administer assessments, and build community. Teachers and students can learn to use those tools. They can adopt new norms and practices better suited to online work. They can get better. Don't get me wrong— I think distance learning is inferior to classrooms. But with Covid-19 raging throughout the country, reality-based plans for schools this fall will necessarily include distance learning. Don't dismiss it, improve it. Get all students online and connected. Make distance learning work better… for all students. It's only temporary. We don't have a choice.”

Ewing adds that the science behind school reopening is uncertain. While many have opinions and advice on how best to move forward, what we still need is clarity.

“Parents, students, and teachers need time to plan. Only the ignorant or maliciously careless think that students can fully return to classrooms in the fall. Everyone else needs to make decisions and make them soon. We can do much better this fall if we have time to plan.”

Read Ewing’s full Forbes column, “Should We Liberate Our Schools?” here.