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The Math Equation

In the News | February 17, 2021

MƒA President John Ewing recently joined host Howard Blumenthal on the Reinventing School video web series to talk about mathematics education with Megan Burton, President-Elect of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. The conversation centered around the what, why, and how math is being taught in our schools.

Ewing shared some principles about mathematics that he says are crucial to the success of teaching and learning the subject (and often all subjects):

  • Learning needs to start early for students, beginning in pre-K.
  • Students should be given the opportunity to focus on certain topics for sustained periods of time as they advance through the curriculum.
  • Teaching curiosity and wonder is just as important as teaching content.
  • Almost all subjects overlap in some ways, but math must be connected to science and vice versa.

"None of this works if you don’t have teachers who know and love the subject they’re teaching, who know the craft of teaching... and who know their students,” said Ewing.

Watch the full episode here.