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Math for America Retains Talented STEM Teachers Through an "Ecosystem of Trust"

In the News | June 12, 2017

In a new Education World feature story, Editor Rich Conklin does a deep dive into how the MƒA model entrusts teachers with the responsibility of prioritizing and curating their own professional learning goals. MƒA Executive Director Megan Roberts and MƒA Master Teacher Jason Garofalo describe the impact MƒA has on retaining teachers and how the Master Teacher Fellowship fosters an “ecosystem of trust:”

“Garofalo explains how rejuvenating it is to be surrounded by teachers who are passionate about their practice and the subjects they teach. “After a long day of teaching, you’re very tired, but you have a workshop at MƒA. I always leave with more energy and more motivation to tackle the next day of teaching.”


Roberts adds, “What we do is try to provide teachers with as many options to fill their toolbox of skills as they want. And we trust that they’ll make good choices for their students and for themselves and for their own professional learning.”

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