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MƒA Thursday Thinks: The Story Collider 2019

Workshop Spotlight | May 30, 2019

For a second straight year, MƒA partnered with The Story Collider, a nonprofit organization dedicated to telling true, personal stories about science to host an MƒA Thursday Thinks event. Five MƒA teachers took the stage at Caveat, a speakeasy on the Lower East Side, to share their own authentic experiences with math, science, and life inside and outside the classroom. From uplifting to heartbreaking, these intimate stories delivered powerful messages that made listeners laugh, cry, and feel inspired. You can watch each talk in its entirety below. (And warning – some talks include NSFW language!).

Shaniece Mosley

MƒA Master Teacher Shaniece Mosley opens up about seeing potential in her students and colleagues, and what she hopes others see in her. 

Meredith Klein

MƒA Master Teacher Meredith Klein discusses her struggle with finding balance in how much she shares about her personal life in the classroom while still supporting her students’ needs.

Aida Rosenbaum

MƒA Master Teacher Aida Rosenbaum reflects on the ups and downs of her first year as an earth science teacher, and how that impacted her next 15 years in the classroom.

Jamie Kubiak

MƒA Early Career Teacher Jamie Kubiak shares about his experience being an LGBTQ+ educator and what it is like to come out in the classroom.

Ricardo Estrada  

MƒA Master Teacher Ricardo Estrada reveals how his past experiences with racial profiling affects how he currently treats his students.