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MƒA Thursday Thinks: The Story Collider

August 1, 2018

MƒA teamed up with The Story Collider, a nonprofit organization dedicated to true, personal stories about science, to host an MƒA Thursday Thinks event featuring an evening of storytelling. In front of a crowd of MƒA teachers and other NYC public school teachers at Caveat, an intellectual speakeasy in the Lower East Side, six MƒA teachers shared tales about mathematics, science, and life as a teacher. These were passionate, authentic stories where the teachers were pushed outside of their comfort zones, delivering powerful messages, edgy commentary, and inspiring accounts on the ups and downs they’ve faced inside and outside the classroom. Watch each talk below. (And warning – some talks include NSFW language!).

Megan Roberts and Courtney Allison
MƒA Executive Director Megan Roberts and MƒA Deputy Executive Director Courtney Allison open the event, thanking our Story Collider partners and telling a story from when they worked together as teaching colleagues.  


Erin Barker and Nisse Greenberg
Story Collider Artistic Director Erin Barker and Story Collider Producer Nisse Greenberg introduce all teacher speakers and serve as hosts for the MƒA event.


Brittany Beck
MƒA Master Teacher Brittany Beck shares how she fights against the stigma of mental health, teaching her students that it’s okay to struggle with anxiety.


Anoopa Singh
MƒA Early Career Teacher Anoopa Singh discusses the moments she realized science was cool and her journey to become a high school chemistry teacher.


Giselle George-Gilkes
MƒA Master Teacher Giselle George-Gilkes opens up about how she coped with personal grief while teaching and the unwavering support she found through her teacher community.


Sage Forbes-Gray
MƒA Master Teacher Sage Forbes-Gray tells her story about standing up for her identity and discovering the best ways to truly support her students, including LGBTQIA individuals.


Patrick Honner
MƒA Master Teacher Patrick Honner reflects on the ups, downs, and everything in between during his lifelong relationship with mathematics.


Matt Baker
MƒA Master Teacher Matt Baker explains that teaching is hard and how crucial it is for teachers to find a community that cares about them and the craft of teaching.