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MƒA Fellowships Foster Educational Excellence and Equity in NYC

Press Releases | September 25, 2018

Nonprofit supports and invests in more than 1,000 NYC teachers’ professional growth

NEW YORK, NY, September 25, 2018 – Math for America today announced that it has awarded nearly 300 new four-year fellowships to mathematics, science, and computer science teachers across New York City. They join the MƒA community of more than 1,000 public school teachers who are highly accomplished professionals, both skilled teachers and experts in their subject areas.

MƒA fellowships support public education across New York City by keeping great teachers in the classroom, 70 percent of whom teach in Title I schools serving the most needy students.

“At MƒA, our goal is to retain excellent teachers in the profession, ensuring that all students have access to high-quality STEM teachers, no matter where they go to school,” said John Ewing, MƒA President. “Our fellowship model is unusual in education because it focuses on what is working, not what isn’t. We find accomplished teachers, trust them to figure out how they want to grow professionally, and provide them with opportunities. They challenge themselves and serve as examples for other teachers. Ultimately, that’s what benefits their students, their schools, and the city at large.”

MƒA teachers teach in nearly 400 New York City public schools, representing approximately 10 percent of the city’s STEM teaching population. The attrition rate for MƒA Master Teachers throughout all five boroughs is 3.2 percent, far below the average national teacher attrition rate of 8 percent reported in the same year.

“I applied for an MƒA fellowship because I was at a turning point in my career, where I was actively seeking a collaborative teacher community and resources,” said Vielca Anglin, MƒA Master Teacher who teaches at City-As-School High School in Manhattan. “The MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship provides incredible opportunities to learn and an exciting professional community that is truly amazing. That has inspired me as a teacher and changed what being a teacher means.”

Every year, MƒA teachers immerse themselves in a professional community that both informs and inspires them. MƒA offers about 200 courses each semester, many in multiple workshops, and most designed and led by teachers within the community. Through MƒA fellowships, teachers stay current in their discipline and share their professional experience, ultimately impacting their school communities and their profession.

MƒA awards stipends to its fellows totaling about $15 million per year, along with an annual $600,000 for conference travel and classroom materials. From 2013-2017, MƒA invested over $100 million in its NYC math and science teachers through its fellowship programs.

MƒA by the Numbers: 2018

Over 1,000 MƒA Teachers in nearly 400 NYC Public Schools
  • More than 800 Master Teachers
  • Nearly 200 Early Career Teachers
  • Evenly divided between math and science
  • 75% teach High School
  • 25% teach Middle School or Elementary School
  • Over 450 have been teaching for 10 or more years
  • Nearly 400 have been teaching between five and nine years
  • Over 100 have been teaching between one and four years
Borough Breakdown
  • More than 350 teach in Manhattan
  • Nearly 300 teach in Brooklyn
  • Nearly 200 teach in the Bronx
  • More than 150 teach in Queens
  • Nearly 30 teach in Staten Island

About MƒA
At MƒA, we’ve created fellowships for accomplished mathematics and science teachers. Our model is based on the belief that collaboration, continued learning, and genuine respect enables teachers to grow professionally and provides long-term career satisfaction. This is a remarkable community of teachers who stay in the profession longer and define what teaching excellence means. These are teachers who inspire and motivate their colleagues. They change the lives of their students.