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“I’m Just Not a Math Person”

In the News | August 12, 2019

Teachers, both at MƒA and within the New York State Master Teacher Program, are working to change the national conversation about math. This past summer, journalist Mareesa Nicosia explored what math teachers are doing to improve math education and how math can be made appealing to students of all ability levels.

To do this, Mareesa visited our MƒA Summer Think conference. There she learned from MƒA teachers and MƒA President John Ewing about the current and future state of math education for a feature article in On Board, a newspaper published by the New York State School Boards Association.

Mareesa had a conversation with MƒA Master Teacher Nasriah Morrison about making math curriculum more relevant to minority students by including cultural references. She also interviewed MƒA Master Teacher Naomi Hawkins, who shared how she tries to get to know students as individuals and talk to them about their experiences, cultures, and beliefs.

Ewing debated how much math a student needs to understand to succeed in their careers later in life.

Read the full piece in On Board here.