Influence & Policy

Our country’s great math and science teachers are leaving their classrooms. Teacher quality influences student achievement more than curriculum, technology or even money. We need to elevate the profession so that outstanding math and sciences teachers stay. 

MƒA advocates nationally for publicly funded Master Teacher programs that keep great math and science teachers in the classroom. We provide guidance and non-monetary resources, share best practices, and offer access to our national network. 

“Reducing attrition by half could virtually eliminate [teacher] shortages”
— Sutcher, L., Darling-Hammond, L., & Carver-Thomas, D. (2016). A coming crisis in teaching? Teacher supply, demand, and shortages in the U.S.. Palo Alto, CA: Learning Policy Institute.

“I stay because being part of a professional community allows me to feel valued and gives me the opportunity to learn, and grow, and make an impact.”
Robert Andruskiewicz, MƒA Master Teacher (10 years in the classroom)

You can join in MƒA’s national effort to advocate for a publicly funded Master Teacher program in your state by working with MƒA to connect our experience and non-monetary resources with your local teacher-retention needs.  

By recruiting the best and brightest teachers, this program is creating a quality learning environment for students and laying the foundation for tomorrow’s workforce.

- New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo