Since its inception in 2004, MƒA has worked to inspire, support, and share new ideas that shape policy, practice, and the retention of excellent teachers in mathematics and science across New York City’s 1,700 public schools and beyond. In keeping with this work, our ongoing goals focus on:

  • Keeping the most accomplished math and science teachers in the classroom
  • Fostering teacher-to-teacher professional growth
  • Providing our teachers with opportunities for leadership and influence
  • Building a professional community for teachers to collaborate and learn from one another

2018 MfA Reflections

Each year we publish an annual report — MƒA Reflections — which looks at specific aspects of our fellowships and our work toward achieving our goals above. 

Through our fellowships, MƒA teachers report that they continue to develop a deep understanding of pedagogy. They also enhance their content knowledge through MƒA professional development. Moreover, they cite increased confidence, strong connections to a professional community, and above all, a desire to stay in the classroom. Our yearly reflections speak to the important role of teacher-to-teacher influence and collaborative teacher communities that shape our fellowship programs.