In the past year, our nation has seen a dramatic increase in hate directed at Asian Americans, including the recent shootings in Atlanta. All hate is hurtful and destructive, and it's often terrifying for its targets. Hate is corrosive to the social fabric of our country. While it isn't new, we should continuously aim to become better as a nation. Our country has recently fallen short of that goal.

I realize you, as teachers, deal with these issues every day. For those who are or have been targets of hate, MƒA wants you to know that we stand with you, unconditionally. For those who are witnesses of hate and try to redress it, we applaud your courage and hope others can learn from you. We hope all MƒA's teachers will be part of a compassionate community that works to overcome hate in our professional lives and beyond. Teachers can lead in this effort, and we are proud that many MƒA teachers are doing so. Our staff remains committed to learning how we can best support you in this.

John Ewing, President