MƒA Master Teacher and 2023 Muller Award for Professional Influence in Education winner Ellie Williamson was featured in an Our Town “Your 15 Minutes” feature where she discusses the joys of teaching and seeing herself as a conduit between the science community and her students, as well as how the MƒA community has positively impacted her teaching career. 

“I firmly believe that students must be active in their learning. I want students to realize they have power and autonomy, to be independent, to act on their curiosity. And that’s on me to create a culture and environment that fosters that curiosity.”

“MƒA has been so instrumental for my professional growth. The workshops are teacher-designed, teacher-led, with materials that we all create. It’s great to see materials that I’ve created being used in other schools. For me, MƒA helps not just with my professional relationships but also with the personal relationships that I’ve developed with my colleagues. And I think that’s part of the beauty of teaching. For me, teaching is all about relationships. Your relationship with the kids, your colleagues, teachers across the state, the country.’”