The MƒA Thursday Think Speaker Series brings accomplished speakers who dive into cutting-edge topics in STEM education to MƒA. These talks, held once a month throughout the school year, invite MƒA teachers and the general public to learn and engage with these thought leaders and professionals in mathematics, science, and education.

There are more individual bacterial cells on Earth than stars in the Universe. These bacteria live in every imaginable place on the planet, from your teeth to soil to the ocean floor, in complex and dynamic ecosystems—immense jungles of complexity! These bacterial jungles play a defining role in sustaining all aspects of life on our planet. How do they do it? 

In this talk, Dr. Seppe Kuehn takes teachers on a tour of the complexities of microbiomes. He shares how thinking about microbiomes statistically can reveal unexpected simplicities in how these communities form and function—paving the way for the design and control of these ecosystems.

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