The MƒA Equity Webinars Series invites nationally recognized educators to share ideas that support equity within STEM. Following an interactive presentation by the speaker, Master Teachers have the opportunity to discuss how these ideas might be applied in their own school environments in small groups. Teachers from MƒA, other Master Teacher programs, and people interested in learning more about MƒA are invited to attend.

What rules and norms do we practice without interrogation? How might these norms be holding us back from making our classrooms and mathematical spaces more affirming and inclusive? Who is being left out and how do we effectively challenge and replace these norms with new narratives to uplift everyone? 

In this interactive talk, Dr. Aris Winger asks teachers to reflect on these questions and to collaborate to address the dominant and accepted narratives of the profession. Teachers will leave with ready-to-use narrative change strategies and also consider long-term changes needed to create more inclusive mathematical spaces for all.

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