The MƒA Thursday Think Speaker Series brings accomplished speakers who dive into cutting-edge topics in STEM education to MƒA. These talks, held once a month throughout the school year, invite MƒA teachers and the general public to learn and engage with these thought leaders and professionals in mathematics, science, and education.

The James Webb Space Telescope has dazzled the entire world with its stunning images and discoveries since the start of its scientific mission in 2022. An international collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency, Webb is one of the most complex machines ever built and, at 6.5 meters, the largest telescope ever sent to space. In this talk, Dr. Nathalie Nguyen-Quoc Ouellette will explain how the Webb Telescope uses the power of infrared light to probe the atmospheres of exoplanets, study the dusty birth and death of stars, and detect the most distant galaxies ever observed. She will discuss some of the fantastic breakthroughs already made and what astronomers hope to discover in the future.

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