MƒA Early Career Fellowship

The four-year MƒA Early Career Fellowship gives promising public secondary school mathematics and science teachers the support they need to become outstanding educators and to grow in their profession.

MƒA Early Career Teachers begin the fellowship in their 2nd - 4th year of teaching and are dedicated to seeking ways to deepen their understanding of mathematics or science content and pedagogy.

Showing enormous promise in the classroom, MƒA Early Career Teachers are a part of a community of dynamic STEM teachers building best practices. The fellowship provides extensive support to enable Early Career Teachers to grow and thrive in their profession. It’s our goal to nurture these educators so that they become tomorrow’s Master Teachers.

The MƒA Early Career Fellowship offered me a support system during my first years of teaching that helped me grow into the Master Teacher I am today. MƒA continues to provide me with a massive pool of resources at my fingertips.

- Ramona Fittipaldi, MƒA Master Teacher