For a second straight year, MƒA partnered with The Story Collider, a nonprofit organization dedicated to telling true, personal stories about science to host an MƒA Thursday Thinks event.

Five MƒA teachers took the stage at Caveat, a speakeasy on the Lower East Side, to share their own authentic experiences with math, science, and life inside and outside the classroom. MƒA Master Teacher Aida Rosenbaum reflects on the ups and downs of her first year as an earth science teacher, and how that impacted her next 15 years in the classroom. Watch more MƒA Story Collider talks here.

Power of MƒA

Here at MƒA, we inspire great teachers to stay in the classroom and amplify their impact across their schools, their communities, and the profession at large.

2019 MƒA Fall ƒunction: Sendy Keenan, MƒA Master Teachers

MƒA Master Teacher Sendy Keenan was selected as the teacher speaker for the 13th Annual MƒA Fall Function.

MƒA Thursday Thinks: The Story Collider - Ricardo Estrada, MƒA Master Teacher

MƒA Master Teacher Ricardo Estrada reveals how his past experiences with racial profiling affects how he currently treats his students.

MƒA at SXSW EDU 2019

MƒA teachers and leaders were selected to present at the 2019 SXSW EDU conference in Austin, Texas in March.

2018 MT²: Master Teachers on Teaching - Jude Julien

In his MT²: Master Teachers on Teaching talk, MƒA Master Teacher Jude Julien explores the importance of creating an environment where students feel comfortable making mistakes.

2018 MT²: Master Teachers on Teaching - Brian Mueller

In his MT²: Master Teachers on Teaching talk, MƒA Master Teacher Brian Mueller explores how a rubber duck can help the debugging process and the value of verbalising and explaining errors that arise..

2018 MƒA Fall ƒunction: John Ewing, MƒA President

Addressing MƒA teachers, their guests, and other leaders in education, MƒA President John Ewing emphasizes MƒA’s belief that great STEM teachers are mathematicians and scientists themselves.

2018 MƒA Fall ƒunction: Kate Rubins, NASA Astronaut

Kathleen “Kate” Rubins, NASA Astronaut, was the keynote speaker at our 12th Annual MƒA Fall ƒunction.

2018 MƒA Fall ƒunction: Lynn Shon and José Vilson, MƒA Master Teachers

MƒA Master Teachers Lynn Shon and José Vilson were selected as the teacher speakers for the 12th Annual MƒA Fall Function.