The 12th Annual MƒA Fall ƒunction is our celebration of teaching, honoring the entire MƒA community of over 1,000 NYC public school math and science teachers.

Watch MƒA President John Ewing address MƒA teachers, their guests, and other leaders in education, on November 10 at the NY Marriott Marquis, emphasizing MƒA’s belief that great STEM teachers are mathematicians and scientists themselves.

2017 MT²: Master Teachers on Teaching - Tamara Parks

What happens to a student when presented with real choice to control her own learning?

2017 MƒA Fall ƒunction: Brian Greene, Keynote Speaker

Brian Greene, Founder of the World Science Festival, spoke to 1,600 MƒA teachers, their guests, and other leaders in education at the 11th Annual MƒA Fall Function, a celebration of the teachers in the MƒA community. 

2017 MƒA Fall ƒunction: John Ewing, MƒA President

During his speech at the 11th Annual MƒA Fall ƒunction, MƒA President John Ewing focused on addressing common math and science misconceptions, promoting STEM literacy, and supporting the outstanding teachers doing just that.

2017 MƒA Fall ƒunction: Megan Roberts, MƒA Executive Director

Watch the remarks and introduction of our featured teacher speakers MƒA Master Teachers Giselle George-Gilkes and Patrick Honner by Megan Roberts, MƒA Executive Director.

2017 MƒA Fall ƒunction: Giselle George-Gilkes and Patrick Honner, MƒA Master Teachers

MƒA Master Teachers Giselle George-Gilkes and Patrick Honner were selected as the teacher speakers for the 11th Annual MƒA Fall Function.

MƒA Summer Think 2017: Closing Remarks by Megan Roberts

MƒA Executive Director Megan Roberts shares closing remarks at the 2017 MƒA Summer Think, our first teacher-led, teacher-designed, and teacher-facilitated conference for the MƒA community. 

Why I Stay

Over 200,000 teachers across the nation leave the profession every year. Throughout New York City, these great MƒA teachers choose to keep teaching. Hear them share why they stay. Why do you stay? #WhyIStay


Join us in our mission to change the way we talk about the teaching profession – because it’s a great thing to be #JustATeacher.