Seminars & Events

New this year, we’re thrilled to share MƒA Thursday Thinks, a monthly speaker series held (typically) on the first Thursday of each month. Thursday Thinks feature thought-provoking talks from STEM experts – including scientists, mathematicians, authors, journalists and educators – that are open to MƒA teachers, their colleagues, and their guests. 

Upcoming Events

Dec 13 — Master Teachers on Teaching (MT2)

Beauty in ErrorMaster Teachers on Teaching features original and thought-provoking presentations by MƒA Master Teachers, similar to a Tedx event. The theme for the seventh annual Master Teachers on Teaching is "Beauty in Error." As the jazz musician Ornette Coleman said, "It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something." What does this mean in your classroom, and in classrooms across New York City? Come find out by bearing witness to these innovative and inspiring talks by Master Teachers!

Jan 3 — The Marshall Islands: A Nuclear Legacy

Ivana HughesFrom 1946 to 1958, the United States tested 67 nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands, a remote constellation of atolls in the Pacific Ocean, causing unprecedented environmental contamination throughout the region and - for the indigenous peoples of the islands - long-term adverse health effects. Dr. Ivana Hughes will speak about the K=1 Project's work on radiological conditions in the atolls, which has sought to establish a sound scientific foundation upon which the Marshallese people could make important resettlement decisions, helping to address the injustices of the Marshallese nuclear legacy. Through this example Dr. Hughes will highlight the devastation and destruction of nuclear weapons, provide further context for past and current nuclear disarmament discussions, and make a case for what we should know and teach in our current nuclear age.

  • MƒA teachers should please register on the Small-World Network. Registration for the general public will open in December.