Seminars & Events

New this year, we’re thrilled to share MƒA Thursday Thinks, a monthly speaker series held (typically) on the first Thursday of each month. Thursday Thinks feature thought-provoking talks from STEM experts – including scientists, mathematicians, authors, journalists and educators – that are open to MƒA teachers, their colleagues, and their guests. 

Upcoming Events

John Allen PaulosFeb 7 — A Numerate Life with Dr. John Allen Paulos

In this talk, John Allen Paulos speaks about his memoir -- A Mathematician Explores the Vagaries of Life, His Own and Probably Yours. Moving back and forth seamlessly between personal vignettes and mathematics, Paulos offers up a path-breaking way to look at our lives and, not so incidentally, impart some deep mathematical understanding. This is a more personal human endeavor - the telling of our life stories. During this Thursday Think, Paulos asks: How does a mathematical sensibility change our attitudes toward memoirs and biographies and lead us to reevaluate our own lives?

March 14 — Education in the Age of Distraction with Max Stossel

Max StosselIn this Thursday Think, Max Stossel provides a unique and much needed critical perspective on the role of technology in the classroom. "Education in The Age of Distraction" is designed for educators, parents, and distracted students. Max illustrates some of the specific ways technology is designed to be addictive and distracting, highlights how that's impacting our minds, gives an overview of how students are using social media, and provides recommendations on how to improve focus and diminish distraction in learning environments.

April 4 — Giant Geometric Cardboard Constructions with Dr. George Hart

George HartAs a sculptor of constructive geometric forms, George Hart’s work deals with patterns and relationships derived from classical ideals of balance and symmetry. Mathematical yet organic, these abstract forms invite the viewer to partake of the geometric aesthetic. During this Thursday Think, teachers will create giant mathematical constructions (which will be up to 6-feet in diameter) from cardboard sheets. When put on display, they serve as centerpieces for mathematical conversations throughout your mathematics classroom and school. These are very low-cost activities that can be made from scrap or donated cardboard, yet they have a huge visual impact and can get students to see math in a new way. Several designs will be constructed at the same time during the session and teachers will learn all the steps to replicate them in their own classrooms.

May 2 — The Story Collider

The Story ColliderSince 2010, The Story Collider has been bringing true, personal stories about science to life both through their many live shows as well as their weekly podcast, and they’ve used what they’ve learned about science and stories to teach scientists to use narrative in their work. They believe that now, more than ever, science is a part of everyone’s life. At this Thursday Think, you’ll hear from MƒA math and science Master Teacher storytellers about all the times things went wrong, and occasionally right, in their labs, classrooms, and beyond. Some of the stories will be heartbreaking, others will be hilarious, but they will all be true and very personal.

  • MƒA teachers should please register on the Small-World Network. Registration for other guests will open in April.