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Trisha Hurtares



Queens High School for Language Studies

currently teaches

9th-12th grade


Common Core Geometry

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Trisha Hurtares

Trisha Hurtares has had a passion for mathematics from a very early age. A graduate of the TIME 2000 program at Queens College, Trisha’s love for her subject led her to become a mathematics teacher so she can foster a similar passion in her students. “In my classroom, I give my students freedom to explore math concepts. I focus on cooperative learning and enable my classroom to be student-centered.” 

Having completed her MƒA Early Career Fellowship in 2016, Trisha says that MƒA helped her constantly grow in her practice – both through MƒA’s professional courses and mentorship. “Having a place where I could get advice from mentors and talk with other new teachers about their own experiences was crucial during my first years as a teacher.” Now an MƒA Master Teacher, Trisha attends MƒA courses that are both pedagogical in nature, like a PLT on classroom debate, as well as those that are purely math content-based, like a mini-course on irrationality. “Going to a workshop at M­ƒA gives me a burst of energy. The courses reenergize me for the classroom, and hearing how positively people at M­ƒA speak about and celebrate the profession reminds me that my career is a great one.”

Trisha earned her B.A. in Mathematics with a minor in Secondary Education from Queens College – CUNY. In 2015, Trisha participated in PROMYS for Teachers, an intensive six-week program at Boston University focused on mathematical investigation. Trisha is also a member of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.