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MƒA Statement on Current Protests

Press Releases | June 3, 2020

We at MƒA share the anger and frustration caused by the murders of George Floyd and many other Black people by police. The racism and police brutality that underlie these murders has lingered for too long in our nation. So has the police violence towards peaceful protests. We also believe that teachers can best express and explain these emotions. Teachers and their students live with the consequences of racism and police violence every day. Their voices are the most authentic, and we should listen to them. Over the coming weeks, we will use our social media to post and repost the thoughts of teachers about these issues. A collection of teacher voices is more powerful (and more useful) than a simple statement of support. Finding a way forward will take more than mere words, but words can help us to create a plan and give us the courage to act on it.

John Ewing, MƒA President