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MƒA New York City: A Focus on Master Teachers

Press Releases | December 16, 2013

Over the past ten years, the Math for America Fellows program has been an enormous success, adding hundreds of outstanding new mathematics teachers to the City's schools as well as schools at six other sites around the nation. The Fellows program also spawned other programs that complement it—Master Teachers (now including science), Early Career Fellows, and School Leaders. These programs are vibrant and growing rapidly.

The goal of Math for America is to make teaching a viable, rewarding, and respected career choice for the best minds in math and science. We do that in multiple ways through all our programs, constantly seeking to improve what we do, from selection to community building. At its recent meeting, the MƒA Board reaffirmed our goals and agreed that the best way to achieve them in New York City is to focus on Master Teachers, Early Career Fellows, and School Leaders. We will continue to expand the Master Teacher program to at least 800 in the next few years. We will double the size of the Early Career program, adding science teachers to mathematics and bringing the total of all MƒA teachers in New York City to more than 1000. These will be outstanding experienced or newly certified teachers, who come together to share knowledge, advance teaching skills, and define excellence itself. They form a remarkable and growing community—a community that is changing the landscape of science and mathematics education.

At the same meeting, the Board decided to discontinue the Fellows program in New York City, and after the 2014 cohort, we will admit no new Fellows to the new teaching program. This was not an easy decision. The Fellows program was the program from which all others grew, and it has a special place in Math for America. But making the decision is part of our ongoing effort to evaluate and to focus on our strengths.

The original Fellows program for new teachers remains a strong component of Math for America at many of our other sites. All current Fellows at all sites will be unaffected by this change, including prospective Fellows in the 2014 New York City cohort. We will continue to seek opportunities to work with pre-service teachers using our Master Teachers, many of whom will serve as cooperating teachers and mentors in teacher-training programs throughout the City. In particular, we hope to maintain our partnership with City University of New York.

We believe the new focus will extend our reach and more effectively promote the MƒA model. Ultimately, we aim to have great math and science teachers—teachers who are true masters of their subject matter and deeply committed to the craft of teaching—in front of every student in America.

John Ewing, President
December 2013