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Climate Education Can Inspire Students to Help Their Communities

In the News | November 14, 2022

MƒA Master Teacher and 2022 Muller Award for Professional Influence in Education winner Sarah Slack was featured in a Chalkbeat New York “How I Teach” profile where she discusses her work creating climate-focused STEM curriculum and how her research experiences shape what she brings to her classroom. 

“One of my favorite parts about being a teacher is that there are so many opportunities to grow in both my practice and my knowledge of science, and I am constantly seeking out ways to bring new ideas, new energy, new skills, new joy into my classroom. 

Being part of Math for America is one of those ways — I took a workshop led by Alexandra Horowitz, author of “Inside of a Dog” and ended up using her research on dog cognition to inspire a lesson on genetics and heredity based on dog breed characteristics. I was able to bring my own two rescue mutts into the classroom and challenge students to make predictions about their breed composition.”

You can read more about Sarah in Chalkbeat New York.