MƒA Keeps Accomplished Teachers in the Classroom Longer

It is teachers who have the greatest effect, who ultimately shape the future of their students and our society. That is why keeping the best mathematics and science teachers in the classroom is as important as ever. Students are more likely to succeed when their teachers are true masters of the subject matter and are deeply committed to the craft of teaching. This is, of course, predicated on keeping teachers in the classroom. We found that MƒA Master Teachers remained in their classrooms at significantly higher rates than others.

National Vs MfA RetentionOver a period of four years (2012 – 2016), MƒA Master Teachers have stayed in the classroom twice as long as their counterparts who are not a part of the MƒA community. In 2017, the attrition rate for experienced MƒA Master Teachers in New York City has only improved, with the attrition rate of MƒA Master Teachers shrinking to 3%, far below the average national teacher attrition rate reported in the same year. 

Cost of Teacher TurnoverMƒA teachers are also staying in schools with the highest need. Historically, schools serving primarily students of color and students in poverty have disproportionately witnessed the highest turnover in teachers. Losing teachers and training new ones is also costly. Among schools that reported above 60% student poverty levels in the 2015-16 academic year, an overwhelming percentage of MƒA teachers remained teaching at a high poverty school the following year. Meaning, in schools where the best STEM teachers are needed most, MƒA teachers keep a steady presence.

Staying in schools longer also means MƒA teachers have ongoing opportunities to build connections among other MƒA teachers and their school peers by exchanging ideas and applying valuable learnings about pedagogy and content. MƒA teachers reported several critical areas of practice influenced by connections made at MƒA.