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MƒA Thursday Think: The Story Collider

Thursday ThinkSince 2010, The Story Collider has been bringing true, personal stories about science to life both through their many live shows as well as their weekly podcast, and they’ve used what they’ve learned about science and stories to teach scientists to use narrative in their work. They believe that, now, more than ever, science is a part of everyone’s life. At this Thursday Think, you’ll hear from MƒA Master Teacher story tellers about all the times things went wrong, and occasionally right, in their labs, classrooms, and beyond. Some of the stories will be heartbreaking, others will be hilarious, but they will all be true and very personal. Welcome to the Story Collider!

The April Thursday Think is full, but please join us in May for The Zoomable Universe: Putting Reality into Perspective with Caleb Scharf.