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Yenmin Young



East Side Community School

currently teaches

High School



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Yenmin Young says that being a part of MƒA has been the greatest joy of her young teaching career. As an MƒA Early Career Teacher, she appreciates the endless learning opportunities that help her grow in the profession. “I feel like a little seed being bathed in sunlight and water, growing exponentially with each passing workshop, relationship, or community member I collaborate with.” Yenmin says participating in the MƒA Early Career Teacher Cohort Meetings have turned her fellow teachers into family. “MƒA is such a nurturing environment – emotionally you’re supported after every long day or week of school by teachers – both by peers in my cohort as well as MƒA Master Teachers – who not only want to work with you, but sometimes just want to talk and hear how everything is going. It’s an underrated aspect of MƒA and what community is supposed to be.”

Teaching at a consortium school has exposed Yenmin to layers of artfulness, research, and curriculum design that she says has made her teaching experience all the richer. Yet it’s her students’ daily ideas, creativity, and resilience that she finds most rewarding: “Giving students opportunities to be challenged and pushed in a way that they can grow, that they feel accomplished, is what it’s all about for me. My absolute favorite thing about teaching is seeing my kids develop and how proud they are to have grown.”

Yenmin earned a B.S. in Teaching Physics: Grades 7-12 from New York University. She has been awarded a 21st Century Skills Lab Fellowship. Last year Yenmin participated in the Racially Relevant Pedagogy MƒA Professional Learning Team, which she says changed the way she thought about teaching: “We would meet, listen to each other, be vulnerable, and discuss what it looks like to be a teacher of color, or to teach students of color who come from different backgrounds and may be struggling with so many other things besides just grades in school.”