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Yangmin Lee



Francis Lewis High School

currently teaches

10th, 11th, and 12th grade



# of years teaching


Yangmin’s drive to keep teaching is motivated most by two things: her students and MƒA. Yangmin originally was experiencing teacher burnout when she first applied to MƒA, but she credits the community of teachers she is now surrounded by as one of the main reasons she stayed in the profession: “When I think about the power of the MƒA community, I think of a sincere concern for teachers, and in turn, a sincere concern for students. And making a difference in my students’ lives is what I love about teaching.”

Over the course of her teaching career Yangmin has become serious about developing her students’ critical thinking skills: “Can they ask why? Do they take information for granted or are they looking at it in critical way?” Yangmin says excellence in teaching is demonstrated through student response: “Are they seeing the validity in the information they are given? Can they break it down and analyze it logically? You can catch a glimpse into an outstanding teacher if their students are becoming better thinkers.”

Yangmin has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and an M.A. in Mathematics Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. In the third year of her Master Teacher Fellowship, she’s enjoyed how many of MƒA’s professional learning opportunities, like a course named The Math of Infectious Diseases, have helped her make math “become a real thing” in her classroom by focusing on examples from the outside world. In 2010, Yangmin was named a National Society of High School Scholars Educator of Distinction for serving as an outstanding role model and exemplary practitioner who made a lasting difference in a student's life.