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Sendy Keenan



Frederick Douglass Academy

currently teaches

Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB



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Sendy Keenan

Sendy Keenan’s classroom is one that is filled with animated discussion about mathematical topics. For Sendy, these debates are fundamental to her teaching style because they foster student engagement: “I have the benefit of teaching pre-calculus and AP calculus, so those topics lend themselves to more conceptual conversations. The passionate back-and-forth between the students makes them excited about math, and I just love that.”

An MƒA Master Teacher for six years, Sendy values the opportunity to work alongside the MƒA community of fellow educators. She says, “Connecting with these other great educators helps me to sharpen my skills, see things in a new perspective, reflect on my own practice, and keep me motivated and inspired.” Thoughtful conversation with MƒA teachers is a key element of “Racially Relevant Pedagogy,” a workshop that Sendy has co-facilitated twice at MƒA: “I think it’s really important to tackle race and diversity issues in our classrooms, whether we realize it or not. This workshop has been a great opportunity for the MƒA community to think about how race plays into what we teach, how we teach, the expectations we set for ourselves and our students, and even how we approach discipline in our classrooms.”

Sendy earned her B.E. in Chemical Engineering from the City College of New York, from which she graduated as valedictorian of the Grove School of Engineering, and she earned her M.S. in Teaching Secondary Math Education from Pace University. In addition to facilitating MƒA workshops, Sendy has served as a screener for new MƒA fellowship applicants, and currently mentors new MƒA teachers.