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Mimi Prabhu



Stuyvesant High School

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High School



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When Mimi Prabhu arrives at MƒA for evening programming, a sense of ease follows. “There is a big ‘can do’ attitude at MƒA. Teachers are ready to take on challenges, offer guidance with curriculum, and are willing to help each other in any way possible. You don’t hear a lot of ‘nos’ here, and that’s a wonderful feeling.” As a two-time MƒA Master Teacher, Mimi continuously pushes herself in her career, facilitating multiple group inquiry-learning courses at MƒA each semester. “Whether it is breaking down biomedical papers from Tufts Medical School or exploring the relationship between social media and learning, leading my peers in a course brings out the best side of my teaching practice. Their feedback helps deepen my own understanding.”

A biology teacher for over a decade, Mimi finds reward in seeing her students make connections to science in everyday life. “When my students discover a relationship between global history and science, or understand why their grandmother tells them to gargle with saltwater when they have a sore throat, those are the best days in the classroom,” says Mimi. “It makes me feel like I’ve made sense of their life both inside and outside the classroom.”  

Mimi received her B.A. in Biology from Bucknell University. She has earned an M.A. in Science Education from New York University, an M.S. in Geology from CUNY Lehman College, and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from CUNY Baruch College. In 2015, Mimi was a Fund for Teachers grant recipient for her study on the effects of lionfish in ecosystems around the world. Mimi also participated in the Zuckerman Institute Teacher-Scholar Program at Columbia University in 2016 and has presented at national conferences on science teaching. She is currently a Peer Collaborative Teacher and helps mentor non-tenured teachers in professional development.