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Ismael Perez



M.S. 223 The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology

currently teaches

High School



# of years teaching


Learn, improve, sustain. MƒA Early Career Teacher Ismael Perez sets these three goals when identifying professional learning opportunities he’s interested in each semester at MƒA. “MƒA has provided me with the time, space, and community resources to tackle my biggest challenges and ambitions.” He credits the MƒA community for inspiring his work inside and outside the classroom. “I have the opportunity to learn from professionals who have made it their life’s work to embrace similar objectives. It fills me with excitement, new ideas, and purpose.”

Ismael cares deeply about creating opportunities for students to engage with mathematics in ways that he wasn’t offered during his youth. “My students deserve stimulating problems and it’s my responsibility to share intentional experiences that make sense of those problems.” He looks forward to addressing the challenge of making math accessible to all, as he continues to grow in his career. “Excellence in teaching mathematics is providing the resources one needs to master what’s in front of them. In many ways, it’s similar to the MƒA model.”  

Ismael earned his B.A. in Mathematical Science from Colby College and his M.A.T. in Secondary Mathematics from Relay Graduate School of Education. Through the Saudi Ministry of Education, Ismael was awarded an opportunity to discuss his STEAM work at a conference in Riyadh, where he led workshops and spoke on panels discussing the implementation of STEM activities and experiences in the classroom.