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Dorick Lee



Urban Assembly New York Harbor School

currently teaches

10th, 11th, and 12th grade



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For Dorick, the power of MƒA comes from the MƒA teachers themselves: “At MƒA, teachers are able to submit their own proposals for professional development courses they want to explore with the rest of the community. This allows for a real diversity of topics for a diverse need.” With access to teacher-driven ideas and a community of like-minded educators at MƒA, Dorick could turn his vision of an Ocean Engineering course into a reality in his classroom. “More MƒA teachers were bringing technology into their scope, and it allowed me to feel validated in my priorities and goals for the course I was planning.”

Ocean Engineering is not an average high school course, and for Dorick Lee’s students, it’s a unique opportunity for hands-on science learning. Designed and implemented by Dorick himself, his ocean engineering course is an experience that can have an impact on the community: “I arranged for my students to work with the Billion Oyster Project to restore reefs in New York harbor. They are creating oyster reef shapes and making 3D models of them. Right now, there are oyster reef cages – designed by my students – underneath the Tappan Zee Bridge. Through these projects, they are learning tangible skills and seeing the immediate results of their work.”

Dorick has a B.A. in English in Creative Writing from New York University and an M.A. in Secondary Mathematics from Pace University. As a three-time Master Teacher he has facilitated a number of courses at MƒA, including “Arduinos for Problem-Solving Based Learning,” “DIY STEM,” and, “Robotics – Rise of the Machines.” Dorick’s Ocean Engineering course is now state-certified three-year course of study at the New York Harbor School.