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Chereese Gardner



Jonas Bronck Academy

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Middle School



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Does teaching ever become boring? Not when you’re a part of the MƒA community, says MƒA Master Teacher Chereese Gardner. “At MƒA I have a sounding board for new ideas and strategies that allow me to learn, lead, and take bigger risks.” MƒA’s professional development model inspired Chereese to transform PD at her own school. “Teachers know exactly what teachers need to improve their practice and are a valuable resource that need to be tapped into,” says Chereese. “Once I brought MƒA’s PLT model into my school, the feedback was immensely powerful.”

Chereese believes in using real-world, tangible problems that challenge students to come up with solutions through teamwork. “Teaching students how to approach problems, try solutions, fail, and try again, is an important life lesson.” She says the teaching profession can be a productive struggle but takes pride in guiding her students in overcoming personal or academic adversity. “Struggle turns into understanding and understanding is reinforced by application.”

Chereese earned a B.A. in Cell Biology and Neuroscience from Rutgers University and an M.A. in Secondary Science Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She most recently co-facilitated “Improving Pedagogy through Video Inter-Visitation,” an MƒA workshop on the use of video as a self-reflection tool to advance teachers' practice. Earlier this year, Chereese presented with fellow MƒA teachers at the 2019 National Science Teachers Association conference on ways to promote engaging literacy strategies in science.