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Bobson Wong



Bayside High School

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High School



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As a high school math teacher, Bobson Wong loves to make connections – between subjects, students, and everyday tasks. And being a part of the MƒA community for nearly a decade gives him the unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with other educators. “At MƒA, I’ve connected with people from different types of backgrounds and schools that I would never have met otherwise.” Bobson says learning about others’ experiences has made him a better teacher. Having led countless courses at MƒA over the years with a focus on educational policy, like the “Making Connections Across the Common Core Standards” mini-course, Bobson often wonders, “Where else but MƒA can you bring motivated teachers from all grades together to make connections throughout the K-12 curriculum?”

Bobson’s favorite subject to teach is statistics: “Teaching students how to create and interpret a mathematical model of the real world is one of the most useful things we can do for them.” Bobson believes all children want to learn and that it’s his job to challenge them to do better. “Good math teaching makes math clear and logical. Teaching students to think logically will help them no matter what they do later in life.”

Bobson earned a B.A. in History from Princeton University, an M.A in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an M.S.Ed. in Adolescent Mathematics Education from St John’s University. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the National Museum of Mathematics and has served on several committees for the New York State Education Department, where he also serves as an Educational Specialist writing and editing questions for Algebra II Regents exams.